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There are many reasons for this page. While there is much information on Muscular Dystrophy on the Internet and various other places. I wanted to provide a place where much of that information could be located easily.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am neither a doctor or any other type of health care professional. My only knowledge comes from the fact that I have a form of MD called Friedrich's Ataxia. I have spent some time looking for information and possible treatments which I will share with anyone here.

I invite anyone to share any knowledge they may have with visitors to this site. Simply email me

If you read as much as I have from the conventional medical field you tend to lose hope of a treatment or cure.

My feelings are do as much as you can. I never accept what the doctors tell me and I do things they say I can't do. My younger brother never let his condition stop him as long as he could keep going he did and attempted things even I didn't consider.

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I'm afraid there was no way to make this short as there is lots of information here. Some may apply to many people and some only to me. I have to make another point here...I use homeopathic remedies, some people have a very difficult time accepting that and if you are one of the people are unwilling to consider them I would suggest that you not even read any further.
I asked the homeopath one day who is helping me what advice I could give people with one of the forms of MD? His answer was "Get to a good homeopath as soon as possible"

Biochemic Cell Salts
Calc Flour
(Calcium Fluoride)
Calc Flour gives tissues the quality of elasticity. Is found in the walls of the blood vessels, in muscular tissue, connective tissue, the surface of the bones and teeth enamel.
Common symptoms: relaxed conditions of veins and arteries, piles, sluggish circulation, tendency to cracks in the skin (palms of hands and between toes). Also useful for conditions affecting the surface of the bones and joints and when the teeth become loose and decay.
Muscular weakness, bearing-down pains etc. Symptoms are generally worse in humid conditions and are relieved by massage and warmth.
Calc Phos
(Calcium Phosphate)
Calc Phos is the tissue salt concerned with nutrition. Without Calc Phos there could be no blood coagulation. It promotes healthy cellular activity and restores tone to weakened organs and tissues.  Concerned with the formation of bone and teeth so it becomes an important remedy for children. Calc Phos aids growth and normal development. Given in cases of backwardness, especially where there is bone weakness or recurring tooth trouble..
Calc Phos is the biochemic remedy for rickets, it assists digestion and assimilation and helps build up a sturdy, robust constitution. I've heard it referred to as a tonic for the period of convalescence. It will speed up recovery and replenish the body's strength reserves. It is the tissue salt for blood poverty and imperfect blood circulation. Calc Phos pains can be severe and tend to be worse at night, a creeping sensation of the skin, numbness and coldness of the limbs.
Calc Sulph
(Calcium Sulphate)
Called a blood purifier and healer, has a clensing and purifying influence throughout the system. Calc Sulph is indicated in conditions arising from impurities in the blood stream. It supplements the action of Kali Mur in the treatment of catarrh, acne, etc., and is given when pimples occur in adolescence.
Used for: abscesses and wounds that won't heal readily and tend to become septic. If taken in time will prevent a sore throat and many times will shorten a cold. Symptoms are generally worse after getting wet and better in a warm, dry atmosphere.
Ferr Phos
(Iron Phosphate)
Ferr Phos is the Biochemic First Aid. It is the oxygen carrier and gives strength and toughness to the circular walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Ferr Phos should always be considered as a supplementary remedy regardless of what other treatment may be indicated by the symptoms..
Congestion, inflammatory pain, high temperature and quickened pulse all call for more oxygen (i.e. Ferr Phos). Can be given in the early stages of most acute disorders and should be given at frequent intervals until the inflammatory symptoms subside. Indicated for anemia and as a first aid remedy for hemorrhages. It is an excellent remedy for ailments associated with advancing years and one of the most frequently needed remedies in the treatment of children's ailments. Bleeding from wounds, cuts and abrasions can be controlled with a little powered Ferr Phos applied to the injured part. Ferr Phos is also indicated as first aid for muscular strains, sprains, etc.
Kali Mur
(Potassium Chloride)
Kali Mur is the remedy for sluggish conditions. A deficiency causes thick white discharges, giving rise to catarrh's and similar symptoms affecting the skin and mucous membranes. Kali Mur is the remedy for thick, white fibrinous discharges: white coated tongue and light colored stools.
Kali Phos.
(Potassium Phosphate)
Kali Phos. is a nerve nutrient. Early symptoms may be fretfulness, ill-humor, bashfulness, timidity, laziness and any display of what may be called "tantrums".
It covers those ailments covered by the term "nerves", including some irritating skin ailments such as "shingles" when caused by a nervous condition..
Worse from mental and physical exertion and from cold.
Better from rest, warmth, and sometimes by eating.
Kali Sulph.
(Potassium Sulphate)
Kali Sulph. like Ferr.Phos. is an oxygen carrier. Internal breathing of the tissues depends on Kali Sulph.
Indicated where there is a sticky, yellowish discharge from the skin or mucous membranes. Eruptions on the skin and scalp, with scaling, and help to keep hair healthy. Other symptoms: chilliness and shifting, fleeting pains. Used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, stomach catarrh, and in inflammatory conditions to promote perspiration.
Worse in the evening or in a closed stuffy atmosphere.
Better in fresh air.
Mag. Phos.
(Magnesium Phosphate)
Mag. Phos. is known as the anti-spasmodic tissue salt, I have also heard it referred to as Homeopathic aspirin.
Used for nerve pains (neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica, and headaches with shooting, darting stabs of pain). Relieves muscular twitching, cramps, hiccups, convulsive fits of coughing and sudden, sharp twinges of pain, menstrual pains, stomach cramps and flatulence.
Worse by cold and by touching.
Better by heat, pressure and bending double.
Nat. Mur.
(Sodium Chloride)
Nat. Mur. is the water-distributing tissue salt. Either too much or too little water.
Low spirits, with a feeling of hopelessness. Headaches with constipation. Blood thin and watery with pallor of the skin, sometimes has a greasy appearance. Difficult stools, with rawness and soreness of anus. Colds with discharge of watery mucous and sneezing. Dry, painful nose and throat symptoms. Heartburn (water brash), due to gastric fermentation with slow digestion. Great thirst. Toothache and facial neuralgia with flow of tears and saliva. Eyes weak, wind causes them to water. Hay fever, drowsiness with muscular weakness. Chaffing of the skin. Hangnails, unrefreshing sleep, tired in the morning. Loss of taste and smell. Craving for salt and salty foods. For stings and bites of insects apply locally as soon as possible.
About two thirds of the human body is composed of water so Nat. Mur. plays an important role in everything.
Nat. Phos.
(Sodium Phosphate)
Nat. Phos. is an acid neutralizer. Indicated whenever symptoms of acidity are present: Acid dyspepsia, pain after eating and similar digestive disorders. Highly colored urine, golden yellow or creamy coating at root of tongue. Worms. Nervous irritability. Sleeplessness from indigestion. Rheumatism, lumbago, fibrositis and associated ailments.
Nat. Sulph.
(Sodium Sulphate)
Nat. Sulph. regulates the density of the fluids which bathe the tissue cells by eliminating excess water.
Indicated for ailments affecting the liver. Biliousness. Sandy deposits in the urine. Watery infiltrations. Brownish green coating of tongue and bitter taste in the mouth. Influenza. Humis asthma. Malaria and other conditions associated with humidity.
Silica or Silicea
(Silicic Oxide)
Silica is a cleanser and an eliminator. A deep acting remedy. Helps supportation for an abcess etc. It is a constituent of the hair, skin, nails and surfaces of the bones. It acts as an insulator for the nerves.
Indicated where there is pus formation or threatened supportation - abcesses, boils, gumboils, styes etc. Tonsillitis when pus has begun to form. Brittle or crippled nails and diseases affecting the surface of the bones.
Also helpful as a supplemental remedy for dyspepsia and pains in the stomach. Worse at night, or in the morning. Better by application of heat.

These are the original 12 cell salts. There are more which will be added as I get time. I have started here

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