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Do you need help with a computer problem? Here is the place to ask about it. We will find the answer for you. Just email it in and let us work on it. If you happen to know the answer to a question in more detail let us know and we will post that also and if you want us to we will give you the credit for it. This page is more of a service than anything else. Thanks
I have an AMD 1.3ghz Duron processor with a 20gb Hard Drive running XP Home Edition. I want to relace my c drive with a "bigger" one ,for example 40gb or 80gb. Do I need to buy a new operating system,or can I still use my Xp Home Edition CD to set up my new hard drive? Or... Is there some way to back up my data onto a CDRW and load it onto the new hard drive? Obviously ,I'm still learning about these things.

I tried it using western digital datalifeguard . No dice. Then I tried Maxtor Maxblast 2. It worked!
Just a note. Not all of the hard drive manufacturers have it down yet on the software end.
I think the easiest solution for you would be to use the disk that comes with most new hard drives. I have done this with 95 and 98 but not XP yet. What you have to do is change the jumper on your current hard drive to slave, the new drive should already be set to master. Boot from the floppy supplied with the new drive and let it set the new drive up. In the questions you have to answer the important one is that you want to make a mirror image of your old drive. The nice part about it is you still have your old drive still set up in case there is a problem (a simple matter of changing the jumper back). The first time I did it I set the new drive as slave and had to switch them and do it the way I described before it worked. The little booklet that comes with the new drive should go over it and give you the url to their website or a phone number.
Hi I was trying to download an MP3 file called KAZAA and a window came up stating that windows local settings temporary internet files may have unknown infection! What does this mean? and what can I do about it? I'm not real fond of Kazaa, many people use it and I won't say too much about it (if you are going to use it I would use the lite version). What happened is either the file was infected or it was on a website. Sounds like your anti virus software picked it up. First thing I would do is empty the temporary internet files etc. The next things I would suggest is either make sure your anti virus software is updated or get AVG (it's free and works well), if you change don't forget to uninstall your old one first. Second download and run SPYBOT to get rid of the spyware on your computer (Kazaa usually has some). Third download and install a firewall...I use the free version of Zonealarm (that will stop much of the incoming access to your computer). There are links to all those programs plus a few others on the anti-virus page linked above.
Hi. I'm having problems with defrag restarting over and over when I try to run it. Without knowing more it's difficult to tell exactly why but some common problems are programs running in the background. My best general advice would be to first clear you cache, temporary internet files etc, then restart in safe mode and run scandisk then defrag from there. The reason for clearing the cache etc. is there is really no point in defraging those anyway and it will free up some disk space. Safe mode doesn't load all the programs like your AV software etc. so it should not keep restarting.
I had the msblast virus and removed it then my anti virus software said I had the nachi worm in my system restore folder. It said it healed it then it popped up and told me it was there again. How do I remove it? I'm running XP Home edition. First thing...You have to disable system restore. Start, right click my computer, click properties then click the tab that says system restore, click the box that says turn off system restore. Symantec has a removal tool called fixwelch.exe . There are detailed instructions there also. Run the file, reboot the machine and run it again to make sure then go back and uncheck turn off system restore. Also this virus may be named different thins depending on your AV software (ie: W32/Welchia.worm10240 [AhnLab], W32/Nachi.worm [McAfee], WORM_MSBLAST.D [Trend], Lovsan.D [F-Secure] )

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