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There are many reasons for this page. While there is much information on Muscular Dystrophy on the Internet and various other places. I wanted to provide a place where much of that information could be located easily.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am neither a doctor or any other type of health care professional. My only knowledge comes from the fact that I have a form of MD called Friedrich's Ataxia. I have spent some time looking for information and possible treatments which I will share with anyone here.

I invite anyone to share any knowledge they may have with visitors to this site. Simply email me

If you read as much as I have from the conventional medical field you tend to lose hope of a treatment or cure.

My feelings are do as much as you can. I never accept what the doctors tell me and I do things they say I can't do. My younger brother never let his condition stop him as long as he could keep going he did and attempted things even I didn't consider.

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Here I will try to cover some of the things I deal with (symptoms as well as improvements) This part is purely personal for me.
Achives for previous years are here
Symptoms This is what my case was based on as of May 2004.

Current case This is my current case Apr 2007.

This area is for feedback from visitors to this site. The stories and results.
This is Fred's story
My Medical history

This is 2011. I'm 59 years old. live in Redford Mi.
I was a truck driver for 22 years.
In 2006 I had a problem. I thought I had come down with the flu.
So I was off of work for over a week. And it wasn't getting any better, I got scared and went to the hospital. They checked me out and told me I had a heart problem. My heart was beating 120 beats a minute.

I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure.

They put me on drugs that made me sick to my stomach 24-7.
I told the doctor about it, he said I would just have to live with it. I asked him for the number for Doctor Kevorkian, DR. Death.

So when they released me from the hospital I went home and got on the computer,
And started doing research on natural herbs. I found more than I thought.
I replaced most of my drugs with herbs.

In my research I found that if you're taking Prescription Medications and they make you sick your harming your immune system.

So without telling my doctor i Stopped taking them. That was in Sept, 2006. In Dec of 2006 I was back into the hospital. For a Heart operation an Ablation. My heart had a total of 6 connections sending electrical impulses and that was the cause of my problem. That's where they take a laser and a camera and go through a vein in your thigh and into your heart and zap a Electrical connection to get my heart beating back to normal.

That lasted for a week, and had a second operation. The first week in Jan,2007
I was fine after that.

I found helpful information on You Tube videos
Watch as many as 6 or more videos this will help you understand. Do lots of Google Research The AMA and the Drug Company's will not support anything that is natural. They consider this to be Quackery, you need to know that right now.

Herbs are a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Alfalfa Grass the roots grown down through the earth to a depth of 100 feet.
you get 105 minerals out of 110. it's easy to take and great for you.
All foods grown today are lacking vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Berry Wheat Grass is great and easy to grow. We need it and so do our PETS
I have an 11 year old springer spaniel.
Dog food is lacking as well. I took his dog food and added a couple of Tablespoons of olive oil and stired it up then added ( 1 )  Tablespoon of Wheat grass powder and stired that up, the olive oil helps stick the powder to his food.

I first started buying it in Bulk of 1 lb bags. for about $7.00 I made mine into capsules. I bought a capsule machine that makes 50 at a time. That was $20.00 and the empty capsules were $7.00 per thousand.

I learned about pH testing myself. That has been very important to living a healthier life.
pH testing is testing your immune system. Mine was at 6.4

Testing your pH is easy and you don't need lab coat or have a doctor do it for you.
I found helpful information on You Tube videos.

I tested my drinking water 6.6 pH. Next my Coffee 6.4 All foods and drinks can and should be tested. I started this in 2008 Now I test myself ( once a  week. )

Neutral is 7.0 Any thing below is POOR HEALTH Cancer / Diseases thrive in an acidic environment.

Above 7.0 is GOOD HEALTH
God has made our body's to be at 7.4 pH for our immune system to work it's best.
This is a life style change that you need to know.

There are several things that you can do to help yourself. Drinking Alkaline water.
I'm not rich living on SSI. I learned about Aluminum FREE Baking soda. I take an empty milk jug clean and add ( 1 ) teaspoon of Aluminum FREE Baking soda to the jug,and add water. The tap water was tested at 6.6 pH. After adding it to the water retested it and it was now at 9.0 pH.

( Why use Aluminum FREE Baking soda ) ( Aluminum is Poisonous ) If it says on the box double acting it has Aluminum in it.

I started making it up for my Dog. If my pH was low then his must be too. So now he gets it everyday.

Eating raw fruits and Vegetables will raise your pH as well. My Grandson Tyler doesn't eat Veggies His Mother doesn't like Veggies. But he loves Ranch Dressing

He puts it on everything. So I went to the Store and bought all kinds of Veggies for a platter.
And I brought out the RANCH DRESSING LOL

It didn't take him long and he was eating it like it was going out of style.

GRAND PA That tastes GREAT.

Have you ever wondered why your garden grows better from rain water. Instead of water from the garden hose?
it's because of Hydrogen Peroxide from our atmosphere. That's right high up in the sky There is an extra O2 molecule floating around and as it rains it hooks up and comes down to Earth. All living things produce Hydrogen Peroxide including all of us. We need it to help fight off infections.  But as we get older and have lived a fast paced life style and eaten all the wrong types of foods, it catches to us and now we must pay for it.
With poor Health. But it can be turned around.

Jesus Said in the Bible:  ( To keep Our Eyes Simple )


I found helpful information on You Tube videos.


Now I'm learning about Oxygen Therapy, using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Solution.
March 2011. I saw a You Tube Video on Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% solution.
for over a 3 year period my health was poor. Getting around was a problem. Having to stop and catch my breath. Until I started using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%.

I added 2 drops FGHP 35% to a bottle of drinking water 2 to 3 bottles a day,
It tastes nasty but I could see improvements in the first week.

Do yourself a favor research all the information before you start. You Tube Video's and Google everything so you understand what you're doing.

If you get FGHP 35 % on your skin or clothes it will burn you

Less is always better remember that. Some people think that if a little is good then a lot will be better that's not the case here.

You need to understand that your putting your body into a DETOX MODE

You did not get this over night and it will take you 6 months or even a year to DETOX your System So you need to be patient.

If you Crave some type of food it's your body's way of telling you your lacking in some nutrient. I crave white castles bugers with extra onions. Mustard and catsup has vinegar in it. Vinegar helps raise your pH as well.

This is from a lady in Ohio from July 2004 This column is my emails back to her
 I am a middle aged female who has been suffering with all the symptoms of MS.  My legs ache so bad, that I can hardly get around.  The doctor has ran test, after test on me, but the MS does not show up.  He thinks however that this could be what it is?  At this point who knows?  He tries to put me on medication, but my body reacts to everything that he has put me on.  After reading your journal, a lot of this sounds like me.  I am on Mysoline for the tremors of my hands and head.  As far as the weakness he is lost, and so am I.  I just wanted to know if you had any suggestions?  The information that you share will be kept to my only knowledge.  Thank you for any help you can give me on this Hi, I can relate to where you are with the doc's. While it won't be posted for a couple of days yet I have been seeing some things happen recently. My homeopathic doctor had me start taking cell salts and yesterday for the first time in years I was pain free. I can't say for sure what it will do for you but I don't see any way it could hurt, I bought all 12 cell salts together from a health food store (made by Hylands, called Bioplasma). If you can get it from a health food store see if they have a book on the cell salts (also may be called tissue salts or something like that). I would suggest that you contact a good homeopath because there is a lot they can do based on your history, my case seems to be very complicated for some reason but I am making some progress but it is slow. Then again according to the medical doctors I was supposed to be confined to a wheelchair 20 years ago, so they don't like to talk to me lol.
I went to the health store today and got the Bioplasma.  I'm going to start taking it tomorrow.  They were out of the bottle of 1000, those will be in on Thursday.  They had a bottle of 125 for $4.15.  I'm not sure what the bottle of 1000 cost, forgot to ask her.  I'm going to give her a call on Thursday to check on the status.  Thank you again for your information, care, love and concern.  I will be in touch with you later to let you how they have worked for me.  I'm really hoping that they will do the job.  I'm so tired of the doctor's not able to help out with this!  Talk with you soon! :) What my homeopath tells me is the cell salts work medium to long term (at least for me where it's chronic and so long term). I started adding some of the individual cell salts to try to speed things up. I got the book on them today and have started reading. I also take the indicated remedy for my symptoms when I need to.
I know in my own case I have much less pain than I used to...I tend to get a little impatient lol. According to the medical profession I should have lots of problems that I don't have so they don't like to talk to me because I will do what they say not to do lol.

Good Luck and please do let me know what is happening.

Doing fine, pray you are doing the same?  I have noticed some difference's / I was having some trouble out of my right eye, and now I can see the same out of the right as I can the left.  Thank you so much for telling me about this product.  My legs are still weak, but I'm praying this will all go away soon!  I'll letcha know of any other effects that turn up.  Talkatcha later, and have a GREAT day!!!! I am pleased to hear that you have seen something happening. You may notice a response in any area of your life...sometimes it starts in your mental/emotional state (most people don't even relate that to a remedy). The tricky part is the answer may be different for everyone because we are all individuals.
If you wouldn't mind I would like to use part of your email on my page. I will keep you anonymous of course but I would like to show some feedback (positive or negative).
No I don't mind at all if you post my e-mail response on your site.  I think it would be a GREAT Idea, so that people can hear the positive.  You may even post my name as Lisa from Ohio, I don't mind at all.  This product is new here in the health stores.  When I went and had them order the bottle of 1000 tabs, they asked me all about the product.  My response, was, "well it is used for everything"!!!!!  You should have seen the clerks eyes when I told her this.  I did get my bottle of 1000 tabs and yes, I am still taking them like I should.  We went camping last weekend, and I packed them right along.....won't leave home without them....lol  And the funny thing is, I left my make-up at home, but not the pills.... : ))  I may have forgot to tell you that I had I.B.S. (irritable bowl syndrome).  Since I have been on these, I don't have this anymore.  The doctors just, well, you may say they told me I had to live with this......NOT!  Thanks to you and your web site, I have had some improvements!!!! : )))  I can't thank you enough all the research and help you have given me!!!!!! I'm so happy to hear about any improvements. Some of the things will be so gradual you may not even notice till you look back. 
Please do stay in touch because any stories like yours is good for people to know about. The doctors are pretty quick to tell you to get used to something and they sometimes get angry if you don't accept that...especially when you prove them wrong.
Sun Oct 3 2004
Since I have been taking six tablets instead of four three times a day, my legs have eased up.  We had a clouding and raining day yesterday, and they didn't bother me like they use too. I even ventured out to Wal-Mart and had no problems at all while walking in the store.  I'm usually hurting so bad that I get what I want and get out, or don't do it at all!  There is no leg aches like I was having.  I haven't got the individual ones yet, but plan to do so.  I have seen and noticed a difference with just the six tablets three times a day though.  This stuff is amazing, I wish I had known of it earlier. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to hear what is happening for you. I suspected you were more sensitive to them than I am. I don't respond as fast to them or my situation is more chronic and will take longer.
From what you describe I think personally I would wait and see what happens and not use the individual cell salts yet. You are having such positive results I would see where it leads. With this type of stuff "more isn't always better", you use as little as needed to get the results and it isn't the same for everyone.
Thurs Oct 14 2004
I'm doing much better, legs are much better, and not as weak. thanx to U!!  : )) Still taking six tablets three times a day.  I know this is what has helped with my legs.  Haven't talked to my doctor about taking this, and plan not to.  I already know what he will say.  Only I know what and how my body is reacting.  With all the cold and damp weather, my legs still are feeling better.  Not looking forward to SNOW!!!! :((  But it soon shall pass, as my mom would say....lol
Here I will just let her response stand as it is. I am happy about the progress though.
Tues Sept 4 2007

I was looking at your site and to announce my success with CO Q10. I am a 53 retired engineer and have been using Co Q10 for about a month. My dosage has been 600 mg a day and to increase to 800 mg a day. My turn around has been very significant. I was just short of getting a wheel chair and now I don't ever envision the need.
Hi Matt,

Do you think you would be able to write something up that I could put in the feedback section if you wouldn't mind sharing that. I've known about Co Q10 for quite some time but you are the first to email me with positive results. I've meat to try it myself but the cost has always been a problem for me. What brand are you using? and if you don't mind sharing, where do you order them? Most of the time when I've looked at getting some I've noticed they are 30mg dosages etc.
I am not a medical specialist nor am I a practitioner of homeopath drugs or other.  But as I have taught my children the term empirical was what I found in my experiment with CO Q10. Prior to August 7th of this year my form of MD had advanced to the point that I had very little strength and my energy level was almost gone. I would wake in the morning and take a shower and found no strength and I was, literally, exhausted.

Then on the morning of the 8th I started using 200 mg of CO Q10. This continued for one week and I felt better but not convinced. So starting the second week I increase my dosage to 400 mg a day. For the next week I tried to ignore any changes and I did not experience any. The third week I increased my dosage to 600 mg and at the end of that week I experience a eureka moment.

I am not one who would ever expect to find benefit from something that no professional medical practitioner could identify. Conversely, I was told there was nothing that could be done for my disease. But on that day I did find a miraculous change in my behavior. My walk, which was down to little more than a block at a very slow rate was increased to 4 blocks. Two blocks down and 2 blocks back. And then I didn't feel tired. Amazed I went with my wife to the mall and proceeded to walk the mall. Stopping constantly and trying to analyzed my condition. I was still not tired, but was feeling the effects of walking.

The next week I have increased my dosage once again to 800 mg per day. I have found very little resemblance to where I was before going on CO Q10. I am trying to get back to "Normal" where I can get up without struggling and other incidentals. My hopes are out of line with what will happen but for now I will keep trying. My plan is to stay at 800 mg indefinitely or unless I can identify any harmful side effects.

Thank you in your interest and I am especially interested with my visit to University of Wash. Medical Center and their improper identification of potential treatment. Either they have never heard of the drug known more as a vitamin than a drug or they were not interested in helping me. I on the other hand paid out of my pocket to identify my gene pool to them. For certain matching of the known with what I have. I have this form of MD and my sisters also have the same disease. It is known that my mother and her brother and her mother had this illness.

Matthew Barnett
53 year of male with good overall health. I am retired now but was an electrical engineer for a company known as Spacelabs Medical. For which I did various things in the many years I was with them.
CO Q10 is Coenzyme Q-10
I have used the Nature's Bounty at 200mg and 400 mg of Co Q-10. These are softgels form and contain 45 pills. I have ordered more from Vitacost at $54.98 for 120 capsules of 400 mg each.

I have been working on another site where I have a blog which is one of the reasons these pages have not been updated recently. If you have questions or suggestions please post them there http://www.godstunes.com/blog/?cat=13 Do you like Music?
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