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There are many reasons for this page. While there is much information on Muscular Dystrophy on the Internet and various other places. I wanted to provide a place where much of that information could be located easily.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am neither a doctor or any other type of health care professional. My only knowledge comes from the fact that I have a form of MD called Friedrich's Ataxia. I have spent some time looking for information and possible treatments which I will share with anyone here.

I invite anyone to share any knowledge they may have with visitors to this site. Simply email me

If you read as much as I have from the conventional medical field you tend to lose hope of a treatment or cure.

My feelings are do as much as you can. I never accept what the doctors tell me and I do things they say I can't do. My younger brother never let his condition stop him as long as he could keep going he did and attempted things even I didn't consider.

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I'm afraid there was no way to make this short as there is lots of information here. Some may apply to many people and some only to me. I have to make another point here...I use homeopathic remedies, some people have a very difficult time accepting that and if you are one of the people are unwilling to consider them I would suggest that you not even read any further.
I asked the homeopath one day who is helping me what advice I could give people with one of the forms of MD? His answer was "Get to a good homeopath as soon as possible"

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LDN Trial

I received my order of Naltrexone on 3/12/09. Making the LDN and performing a personal trial. It may not be scientific as far as the medical establishment is concerned but it will work for me. Learn all about LDN
I will post my progress here starting 3/13/09 so check back often. I also maintain an ongoing log broken down by month. You can get to that from the main MD page.
Thurs Mar 12 2009. Received my order of Naltrexone today and made up my LDN. Took 2.5ml at 11:30pm.
Wasn't doing well today before taking it. Woke up with a headache, ears ringing loud. Still weak and feet hurting. Will see if things start improving tomorrow.

Fri Mar 13 2009. Got up a little earlier today. Legs seemed weak. Left hand hurting and ears still ringing. Have a place on lower lip that almost feels like a cut (probably because of some bread I ate). Took 2.5ml of LDN about 11:30pm.

Sat Mar 14 2009. Got up about the same time as yesterday even though it was very late when I went to bed. Had a headache when I woke up, it was rainy out and my guess is the humidity was high, headache went away after moving around. Legs weak when I got up but maybe just a little stronger than yesterday. Lip feels like maybe it's getting a blister (took a dose of Nat Mur 30c). Left hand sore like I re injured it during the night. Nat Mur seemed to help the lip. Took 2.5ml LDN about 12:30am.

Sun Mar 15 2009. Woke up same time as yesterday but went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Had a headache when I did get up. Legs seemed weak when I first got up but got a little better later. Ears still ringing. Took 2.5ml LDN about 11:30pm.

Mon Mar 16 2009. Got up around the time I had been getting up. Legs felt weak still. I figured I would try something. I have a friend who is a Kinesiologist so I asked him to test for dosage, he said .5ml so tonight I will reduce the dosage to .5ml and see if there is any difference. Took .5ml LDN about 11:45pm.

Tues Mar 17 2009. Got up about an hour earlier than yesterday. It doesn't really feel much different but I seemed a little better about standing up today (a little more balance). I hope that continues. Took .5ml about midnight.

Wed Mar 18 2009. Went to bed about 3am, seemed easier to get into bed as I felt a little stronger. Could not go to sleep, bed was cold so feet felt cold but was a normal thing since heat was off, was still awake at 7am. Only slept about 3 hours and still found it easier to get up. Left hand still gets sore and ears are still ringing. Very upset stomach late today, feel like I need to throw up. Will take .5ml about 11:45pm.

Thurs Mar 19 2009. Woke up a couple of times sick to my stomach last night. Got up today with upset stomach, a headache and feeling very weak. Have felt bad all day. Sinus drainage and ears still ringing. Took .5ml about 12:45am.

Fri Mar 20 2009. Didn't wake up sick to my stomach last night. I did however wake up to urinate and had trouble going back to sleep. Strength seems to be coming back some. Arms and shoulders are very sore. Stomach feels empty with pressure but haven't been able to have a stool. Stomach started feeling bad again after eating. Headache in back of head left side. Took .5ml about 12:00am.

Sun Mar 22 2009. Felt bad yesterday, threw up early yesterday morning and felt sick to my stomach all day yesterday, sore eyes and headache. Had not digested anything I ate Friday so I only had a bowl of soup and some water yesterday. Finally started feeling better early this morning. Took .5ml LDN about midnight. Still seem to have a little more leg strength and ankles not turning as bad. Legs still stiff and knees have a tendency to lock. Have been noticing a strange taste in my mouth and it may be from the LDN. Took .5ml about 11:30pm.

Mon Mar 23 2009. Didn't sleep much last night. Legs still felt a little stronger today. I changed the way I take the LDN, with the bad taste and burping I think it may be a result of taking it straight (it tastes pretty bad) so I'm putting it in a drink now. I went and read about LDN again today and it seems most people seem to have a fairly quick response to it so I increased my dose to 1.5ml about 11:30pm.

Tues Mar 24 2009. Right foot was cold last night, left was warm. Right foot also hurt a little when laying on left side. Got up early. Legs are still stiff. Tail bone feels raw. Didn't notice any difference in leg strength. Took 1.5ml LDN about 11:15pm.

Wed Mar 25 2009. Feet were warm when I got in bed. Right foot still hurt a little. Leg strength about the same. Stomach felt empty when I got up. Took 1.5ml LDN about 11:30pm.

Fri Mar 27 2009. Right foot was warm, left cool to the touch but didn't seem cold. Right foot hurt from touching the bed, almost like it was too heavy. Slept late but it was easier to stand (I think my legs may be a little stronger). Ears are still ringing. Took 1.5ml LDN about 11:30pm.

Sat Mar 28 2009. Feet were warm last night but foot still hurt when I lay down. Woke up with sinus congestion and headache. Difficult to stand. Ears ringing loud. Bad case of gas today. Took 1.5ml LDN about 12:15am.

Sun Mar 29 2009. Got up to urinate twice in 4 hours and just stayed up after the second time. Legs seemed stronger still. Stomach has been a little uneasy all day. Eyes kept getting sore and have had some sinus pressure. Took 1.5ml LDN about 12:15am.

Mon Mar 30 2009. Covers felt heavy on legs last night. Got up with a bad headache today, sinus and stiff neck. Right knee locked up and gave out when I tried to put weight on it. Ears ringing very loud. Went up to 2ml LDN about 12:30am.

Tues Mar 31 2009. Slept late. Legs felt a little weaker when I got up. When I put feet down while sitting they started bouncing. Had a headache when I got up but it went away. Took 2ml LDN about 12:45am.

Thurs Apr 2 2009. Didn't sleep much last night. Kept getting up to urinate. Legs still seem stronger than they had been before but no real difference so far in any other way. Still taking 2ml LDN every night.

Sat Apr 4 2009. Slept late today and woke up with headache and stiff neck, sore spot in left calf. Legs didn't feel as strong today but still wasn't as bad as I had gotten used to. Still taking 2ml LDN each night.

Mon Apr 6 2009. Slept late today, had trouble getting to sleep last night. Arms sore today and didn't have much energy. No change with legs. Increased LDN to 2.5ml.

Mon Apr 13 2009. Past week haven't seen much happen that I can tell. Legs about the same, if there is any difference it's so slow I don't notice it. I have noticed my legs sticking straight out when I sit down (that was happening frequently 2 or 3 years ago). Increased LDN to 3ml today.

Tues Apr 14 2009. Woke up sweating again today. Feet had sensation of being cold last night but it was in line with how they felt to the touch (in the past the sensation was always off). Left foot and right hand was getting cramps tonight.

Sun Apr 19 2009. Having trouble getting to sleep at night. Have had my back hurt me all day a couple of days ago. Get hands cramps and foot cramps now and then. Leg strength seems to be about the same, I do however find myself more willing to do things, not a big change but some difference. Still on 3ml LDN.

Wed Apr 22 2009. Having trouble sleeping. Stools have been a little more regular. Legs may be a little stronger. Feet hurt at night. Still on 3ml LDN.

Wed Apr 29 2009. Last couple of days legs have been weak when I get up in the morning but improve a little later. Increased LDN to 4ml Mon Apr 27. Stomach gets very sore by mid day and have to have a stool to ease it up.

Tues May 5 2009. Still taking 4ml LDN. Last night legs were cold from the knee down (worse on right leg), back hurt, right side. Have not been able to have a good stool for about 3 days even though I feel pressure and have the urge to go. Skipped taking LDN the other day to see what happened (had a rough day so I went right back to it), even though I can't tell that much it must be helping. Have a great deal of trouble standing etc. when I first get out of bed but the leg strength does seem to improve after being up for awhile. Seem to have more feeling in my legs.

Wed May 20 2009. Skipped LDN for about 3 days to see if anything would change. No difference so I checked today and started out again at 1.5ml.

Wed June 17 2009. It has been about a month since I last posted. I keep forgetting to take the LDN and I'm not sure it's because my body was saying not to take it. I was told by a doctor once that when you don't need the remedy you will forget to take it. I started practicing muscle testing on myself to check dosage. I had determined the other day 2ml so was taking that dosage. Hadn't noticed any increase in leg strength, I did wake up earlier a couple of days and still had some trouble sleeping. Today I checked myself again because I slept late and yesterday my left foot felt likle it was burning on the bottom and left foot kept jerking, ankles were swollen. Test indicated a dosage of 2.5ml so that is what I took tonight.
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