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There are many reasons for this page. While there is much information on Muscular Dystrophy on the Internet and various other places. I wanted to provide a place where much of that information could be located easily.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am neither a doctor or any other type of health care professional. My only knowledge comes from the fact that I have a form of MD called Friedrich's Ataxia. I have spent some time looking for information and possible treatments which I will share with anyone here.

I invite anyone to share any knowledge they may have with visitors to this site. Simply email me

If you read as much as I have from the conventional medical field you tend to lose hope of a treatment or cure.

My feelings are do as much as you can. I never accept what the doctors tell me and I do things they say I can't do. My younger brother never let his condition stop him as long as he could keep going he did and attempted things even I didn't consider.

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I'm afraid there was no way to make this short as there is lots of information here. Some may apply to many people and some only to me. I have to make another point here...I use homeopathic remedies, some people have a very difficult time accepting that and if you are one of the people are unwilling to consider them I would suggest that you not even read any further.
I asked the homeopath one day who is helping me what advice I could give people with one of the forms of MD? His answer was "Get to a good homeopath as soon as possible"

August 2008
Trying something new called MMS this month. Haven't noticed much so far.
Fri August 1 2008. Feet were warm to touch last night but had the sensation of being cold, mainly right foot around toes. Legs still very stiff. Couldn't get comfortable all night. Having some problems with neck today, sometimes burns when I turn my head. Feet have felt like they are burning at times tonight (probably swollen some). Taking Merc tonight.

Sun August 3 2008. Had trouble going to sleep, legs cramped when I put them straight in bed. Ankles turning when I stand (worse without shoes). Itching today. Taking Sul tonight.

Mon August 4 2008. Couldn't get to sleep last night (feet felt cold and head sore from laying on the pillow). Woke up today with a headache (eyes and back or head), stuffy nose and stiff neck. Headache kept getting worse with nausea. Tried to take a nap but bladder got full as soon as I lay down. Haven't had a headache this bad in quite awhile. Finally started easing up about 10:30. They always seem to get better around midnight but I'm still extremely tired.

Tues August 5 2008. Neck was a little stiff when I got up today and eyes still a little sore with a pain in right eye at times but nothing compared to yesterday. Nose still plugged up. Ears have been ringing louder than usual since yesterday. Legs still weal, knees won't bend, get dizzy when I stand.

Wed August 6 2008. Slept late, woke up with pain is left side of neck in back. Feet had sensation of being cold last night. Ankles turning today (worse left). Feet aren't swelled anymore. Legs still very stiff and ears still ringing very loud.

Thurs August 7 2008. Ordered some new stuff the other day called MMS. It came today, I took a larger dose than they normally suggest but based on some research I was doing I decided to try that route since a little nausea doesn't scare me (I get it everyday anyway). About 15 minutes after taking it my feet started getting a burning sensation. I'll keep tabs on any changes.

Fri August 8 2008. Took a second dose of the MMS before bed. Feet had sensation of being a little cold but felt warm to touch. Had to get up once to urinate. Woke up earlier than usual and got up. Went down to the normal dosage of MMS today, took it twice, feet seemed to tingle a little while after first dose. Seemed to get a little nausea late today but it didn't last long.

Sun August 10 2008. Feet were ice cold all night (kept me awake). Up to 4 drops of the MMS twice a day now. Stools smell strong and are a little easier to pass. Haven't noticed any major changes yet.

Tues August 12 2008. Feet were ok last night but full bladder woke me up 3 times and was bad all day today. Got up earlier today. Legs still weak and sore, right ankle turning bad. Was up to 6 drops of the MMS twice today. Has a loose stool today.

Wed August 13 2008. Left leg hurt all night.Legs very weak today, ears ringing, tired and no energy. 7 drops of MMS.

Fri August 15 2008. Legs hurt last night (I think hips are out). Bladder was difficult to hold for a couple of days. Legs feel weak when I stand. Up to 9 drops of MMS twice today.

Sun August 17 2008. Legs have been itching at night (from insect bites). Stomach pains today (felt like a ball in stomach, center just below ribs), some burning (acid reflux). Right ankle turning bad when I would stand. Left leg hurts when I stand (feels weak). 11 drops of MMS.

Tues August 19 2008. Right ankle turning bad when I stand. Sinuses bad and ears ringing very loud. Went up to 15 drops of MMS and got nausea, stomach pains and diarrhea which has lasted several hours now. Not taking the second dose tonight and will reduce the number of drops tomorrow if nausea is gone.

Wed August 20 2008. Still had the nausea and some diarrhea today so didn't take the MMS today. Seems to be getting better tonight. Ears still ringing very loud. Both ankles turning today.

Thurs August 21 2008. Stool was better today. Held off on the MMS today too.

Fri August 22 2008. Stomach was ok today. Took 13 drops of MMS once, will go up to twice tomorrow. Ears ringing loud still.

Sat August 23 2008. Stomach a little sore today so only took MMS once. Electric sensation in neck last night. Got dizzy when I stood up today. Legs still weak. Ankles turning.

Sun August 24 2008. Very stiff and sore when I got up today (stiff neck and headache), lightheaded when I stood up.

Tues August 26 2008. Couldn't go to sleep when I went to bed last night. Forgot to take MMS yesterday. Got up early, had an empty feeling in stomach. Very stiff and legs sore when I stand up.

Wed August 27 2008. Forgot the MMS again yesterday. Has been raining all week so have been stuck in the house. Humidity is high so sinuses are plugged up, sore around eyes tonight. Stomach has felt empty all day. Legs still sore when I stand.

Sat August 30 2008. Finally remembered to take MMS today, 13 drops and got severe stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. Will wait to take more and reduce the number of drops. Legs still weak and sore, can't bend knees or pick feet up. Ears still ringing very loud.

Sun August 31 2008. Stomach was a little better today, stool was firmer. Feet have been jerking today. Legs hurt some and left ankle was hurting. Very stiff again. Ears still ringing very loud.

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